LD Capital Joins DeepCloud AI as Strategic Investor

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3 min readJul 10, 2019


DeepCloud AI is thrilled to announce its latest Strategic Investor: LD Capital.

LD Capital is a leading investment institution focusing on the field of blockchain. Relying on the resource advantages and the professional research team, LD Capital has been discovered and invested in more than 200 well-known projects around the world. The founder of LD Capital is Lihua Yi.

LD Capital’s team spread over China, the United States, Europe, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, and have accumulated rich experience in areas of traditional internet, Fintech, and advanced blockchain technology. LD Capital is committed to the globalization of blockchain and quality investment in the entire industry.

About LD Capital

LD Capital is one of Asia’s earliest and largest Venture Capitals focusing on value investing in blockchain field. Till today, LD capital has more than 100 Million USD AUM. Thanks to LD’s professional investment teams and abundant resources covering over whole Blockchain community, LD Capital has successively invested in and incubated in more than 200 blockchain projects since 2017. LD Capital is the angel investor of quite a few first-tierprojects such as Qtum, Vechain and Sero Cash which all achieved more than 100 times return. LD Capital is extremely proud of its strong portfolio performance. LD portfolio includes many iconic projects such as: IOST, GXS, AELF, Quark, Lition, Carry, Celer, RSK, Perlin, Algorand, Thunder Token, Starkwave, Metadium, Fantom, NEO etc.

Website: http://ldcap.com/

About DeepCloud AI

Launched in 2017, DeepCloud AI is a decentralized cloud computing platform that uses an Artificial Intelligence matching-algorithm to pair Resource Providers with Network Users. The unique value proposition of DeepCloud AI enables end-users to capitalize (and monetize) their excess computing resources to other users across the world, in return for DEEP Tokens. Additionally, the platform protocol will provide resources for developers looking to build Web 3.0 decentralized applications and platforms for Internet-of-things integrations. More information on the project can be read here and information on the upcoming Public Sale can be read here.

DeepCloud AI provides a spot market for computing and storage resources for enterprise-level users and individuals, for the purpose of sharing their excess capacity on our decentralized cloud, and with our AI matching engine. Applications will execute in a secure sandbox on the peer-to-peer resources, and all transactions are managed on the blockchain via smart contracts. With the rise of Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and AI at the Edge, we envision a great future ahead and leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for resource management allows DeepCloud AI to offer a revolutionary cloud infrastructure for decentralized applications.

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