DeepOnion Cryptocurrency AirDrop Rules Update

Above is a link to a post by Deeper. The text of this has been given below.

We have successfully distributed 14 rounds of airdrop. We are grateful for our wonderful community, our dedicated team of moderators and all those who have gone above and beyond to support us. To continue with our fair distribution of DeepOnion and to better develop the community and project, we have decided to make the following changes:

A. Coin Distribution Quota.

We will adjust the distribution quota to create a Development Fund. The main reason for this is that some work can be outsourced allowing us to accelerate the development of the coin and to make it truly exceptional.

We are already a top cryptocurrency with unique features such as DeepVault, but there is still a lot more to come. We will integrate smart contracts into DeepOnion and make it a platform similar to Ethereum. We will become the dominant, de-facto privacy cryptocurrency on the Tor network!

The usage of the Development Fund will be entirely determined by the community. It will be voted for using VoteCentral that we will create after the airdrop finishes.

Here are the details of the new distribution plan:

(0) Total Premined 18,000,000

(1A) Airdrop Rounds 1–15: 3,200,000

(1B) Airdrop Round 16–40: 6,800,000

  • Round 16–30: 250,000 each
  • Round 31–39: 300,000 each
  • Round 40: 350,000

In addition, to reward participation at the DeepOnion forum community, 10% of each week’s airdrop will be used for events in the DeepOnion forum. The remaining 90% will be directly airdrop.

(2) Bounty Fund: 3,000,000

Currently, the balance stands at 2,600,000 after various bounties, events, rewards and distributions. This fund is used to reward contributions such as articles, videos, significant contributions that help DeepOnion and its community, and is also used to support potential new merchants that use DeepOnion.

(3) Founders reward: 2,000,000

(4) Development fund: 3,000,000

eg for smart contract, and other new features development. The usage of this fund will be determined by the community via VoteCentral.

(1A)+(1B)+(2)+(3)+(4) = 18,000,000 = (0)

B. New ONION Airdrop Rules.

Starting from Airdrop #16, the following rules will apply to airdrops:

The main point of the new distribution model is to promote fairness and to eliminate the possibility of fraud. Under the new distribution rules, people can create as many accounts as they wish and they will not receive anymore airdropped onions than a single account would. Importantly, all airdrop coins are yours and you decide what to do with them. There will be no 90% holding rule any more.

(1) In order to qualify, you must be a member of, at least at Jr Member level, registered before September 1, 2017. You must wear DeepOnion signature during the course of all airdrops.

(2) You must be a member of the deeponion forum (

(3) You must post at least 5 messages in and 3 messages in deeponion forum each week (minimum posts 50 characters, off-topic section not counted). Failing to do so will disqualify you from the current airdrop, but your account will not be banned.

(4) Distribution will be based on the ONIONs you have in your account, you must have at least 100 ONIONs to qualify.

(5) All coins you have will be freely tradable, including the ones you receive from airdrop. No more 90% hold requirement.

(6) You are allowed to change your ONION address, but only one address per account. Furthermore, only the balance on this address counts.

(7) There will be one distribution day (24 hrs) per week for airdrop. During that time you should not move your coins. Any account found moving away coins will be disqualified for the airdrop. Account where the balance increases during the day are OK, but the earliest detected amount (thus the smallest amount) will be used as the base for distribution.

(8) We will still have the factor group for people that contribute significantly and forum mods, the maximum factor will be capped at 5X, and limited only to the first 10,000 ONIONs.

(9) Distribution of the airdrop is proportional to the equivalent ONIONs in each account, at the time of the distribution. The equivalent ONION is calculated by the following formula:

  • For balance <= 10,000 ONION, equivalent ONION = factor X ONIONs in account
  • For balance above 10,000 ONIONs, the first 10,000 ONIONs is calculated as above, rest amount is multiplied by a factor of 1.2 (for everyone) to get the equivalent ONIONs.

For example, for a person with 20,000 ONIONs not in the factor group, the equivalent ONIONs are 22,000 ONIONs; if you are in the 2x group, then this equivalent ONION will be 32,000 ONIONs.

(10) All banned accounts from previous airdrops are not allowed to participate.

(11) All accounts declined previously will be allowed to re-apply. As long as you satisfy the above conditions, you will be auto-accepted, no manual review any more.

All current active airdrop accounts will not need to re-apply, they are valid accounts and the airdrop will be sent based on the balance on the date of distribution.

Dev/founder accounts and different fund accounts will not participate in the airdrop.