10pm Acceptance Speeches Are From a Bygone Era When The West Coast Influenced the Outcome

Primetime TV viewership follows a consistent pattern. People come home from work, they eat dinner, they then likely settle down on the couch for a few minutes to a few hours of primetime TV entertainment. All across the United States, TV is consumed in consistent and predictable doses:

Figure 1 — Avg. 18+ Ratings for Las Vegas, Denver, Des Moines, and Cleveland (in their respective time zones)

That said, it is worthwhile to note that, while primetime viewership follows a predictable pattern, live TV programming…

On Friday, BuzzFeed used the Facebook livestream function to broadcast a watermelon explosion. The stream peaked with 808,000 viewers, and the internet proceeded to explode with hot-takes:

CNBC even ran a “breaking news drill” to cover the exploding watermelon:

The drill produced this compelling lede: “While everyone tries to get millennials to pay attention to live television, BuzzFeed was able to captivate more than 800,000 people at once thanks to some rubber bands and a piece of fruit.”

But the hottest of the takes came from Wired, which published a story titled “7 TV Shows with Fewer…

Earlier this week, Tim Higgins of Bloomberg Politics published a story about the $17.8 million spent on ads during Wheel of Fortune through March 1 by presidential campaigns and supporting entities. Higgins wrote:

This cycle’s campaign spending on airtime during Wheel will easily exceed the $57 million it earned in 2012, more than any other TV show that election. So far, it’s brought in seven times more than at this point in 2012, according to estimates by Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG), which tracks political advertising.

In the story, Deep Root’s director of analytics and product innovation, David…

March Madness is upon us: screen time will increase, work productivity will decrease and brackets will be busted.

With 64 teams, 12 days of games and multiple TV networks carrying games, March Madness may not gain the singular focus of Americans like large single-day sporting events. Even still, the magnitude of the tournament is enormous: Fortune reports that March Madness brings in $1.13 billion in advertising revenue — more than three times the haul of the Super Bowl.

At Deep Root Analytics, we use set-top box driven TV viewership data to determine the value of advertising inventory for our clients…

With more than 1 in 5 of available delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of Americans across 12 states will participate in primary and caucus nominating contests today. Using CMAG ad occurrence data for broadcast TV programming*, Deep Root Analytics compiled a series of maps to help tell the story of Super Tuesday advertising.

Which Super Tuesday markets received the most political ads overall? The Denver, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City markets had the heaviest frequency of ads and accounted 22% of spots running in Super Tuesday markets from February 10th-29th.

Democratic advertisers followed the overall market…

On Sunday night, a new collection of movies and actors will be lionized by winning an Academy Award. And while Leonardo DiCaprio seems poised to finally join the exclusive club of Best Actor winners, winning cinema’s highest award does not necessarily ensure staying power for a film.

We analyzed 2 million+ rows of TV viewership data in media markets across the U.S. to determine how frequently these highly praised films found their way into household living rooms. The results from the 58 Best Picture winners available in the Deep Root database might surprise you:

Rain Man aired more times than…

Stock Photo

Two weeks ago, we wrote about Blue Collar Men being more likely to watch The Bachelor than Persuadable Women Voters. Our point? Applying conventional wisdom to TV targeting can result in missed opportunities — or being flat out wrong.

But in some cases, data supports conventional wisdom. One such case? When bad weather strikes.

With #SNOMG on its way into DC this weekend, we considered the conventional wisdom that more people will watch The Weather Channel when major weather events occur. Does our data support it?

As expected, it does. We looked at data from Boston in 2015, when February…

No holiday season seems to have as profound an impact on television programming as does Christmas. ABC Family celebrates the season every year with its annual “25 Days of Christmas”, where Christmas movies old and new are featured one by one across the whole month of December.

In the Spirit of Christmas celebration here at Deep Root, we offer a top ten list of movies aired on TV during ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” in 2014. The entries in this list were ranked by rating across all of our target audiences in New York City, one of the largest…

Even The ~50% of Gen X & Millennial Multi-Screeners Who Are The Most “Plugged-In” Users Prefer TV; Live TV Rates Better Than Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone to Deliver Video Ads.

Advertisers and researchers are navigating a complex media landscape. With consumers & voters owning multiple TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, advertisers often ask, “How should we spend & target in a multi-screen world?”

Fresh new research from WPP’s MillwardBrown Digital (MBD) points the way and reveals some surprising, provocative findings that TV advertisers will cheer, namely:

Even among the youngest, most multi-screened consumers, TV is a critical screen to…

This week, Deep Root Analytics is proud to announce the availability of our Mobile Insights suite of dashboards.

With Mobile Insights, you can now take the powerful media insights of the Deep Root Platform with you wherever you go and whenever you want, harnessing the power of Big Data & Big Media on the go.

Our political heritage means we understand the frenetic pace of fierce battles for market share. Having instant access to high quality data could make all the difference for you and your ad campaign. …

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