Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

What is the evolution of shravana and why?

The evolution of shravana is Seva- it is through Shravana that we are able to understand that God is behind everything that happens and we are simply puppets who dance to His tune. So this leads to seva and enables us to perform egoless seva.

What do the 3 strings and 1 knot of the upanayana thread indicate

The 3 strings represent — thoughts , words and actions and the knot is brahmagranthi- indicates they are tied together by the Brahman.

What are the ways we can appreciate our parents?

Follow their teachings and live as per what they have taught us. Acknowledge and appreciate all that they have done and are doing for us.

What are you doing to invoke joy?

What needs to be done is — Know your role and perform your responsibilities with love and complete dedication. this can invoke joy

I am tying to learn to love my responsibilities and not treat them as my burden.

Bonus- What are you doing to evoke joy?

What needs to be done is — Performing responsibilities taking them as a sadhana at a deeper level can evoke joy.

Still at a much lower rung of the ladder.

What are the three ways to sublimate jealousy?

our thoughts deeds and actions must be considered as offerings to God.

Being in satsang- when around positive people and positive thoughts the negativity vanishes.

Engage in sathvik study and feed the mind with good thoughts.

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