Exynap — Android Studio Plugin

Exynap is an Android Studio plugin which helps you 
find and implement the code you require in an instant.

With this plugin you don’t have to write the full code. You just have to write the simple sentence or command. For example if you want to hide the keyboard you don’t need to write the full code like

View view = this.getCurrentFocus();
if (view != null) {
InputMethodManager imm =(InputMethodManager)getSystemService(Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE);
imm.hideSoftInputFromWindow(view.getWindowToken(), 0);

You just have to write the simple sentence “hide keyboard” and this plugin writes the code for you.

How to use this ?

  1. First place the cursor where you want to write your code.
  2. Then press (Ctrl + Shift + D). It will open you a box where you can write commands.
  3. Enter your command like “hide keyboard”.
  4. Press Enter.

Other Commands

get default prefs
get prefs via name
set screen orientation landscape
get alarm manager
set alarm
set repeating alarm
create AlertDialog
create DatePickerDialog
create TimePickerDialog
remove title from Dialog
find fragment via id
revert last fragment transaction
replace fragment via FragmentManager
create notification
show notification
create PendingIntent for Activity
copy text to clipboard
get cache directory
delete file
send email
open url in browser
play youtube video
pick a contact
create call intent
create navigation intent
get screen width
get screen height
get plural string from resources
create table
update rows
drop table
resize Bitmap
decode Bitmap from stream
convert image file to Bitmap
create typeface from asset
is GPS enabled
is network available
vibrate pattern
log wtf message
convert dp into pixel
convert px into dp
inflate view
show keyboard
hide keyboard
create new ArrayAdapter
remove divider in ListView
capitalize first letter in edittext
set space between lines in textview
set hyperlink color in textview
make links in textview clickable
enable scrolling in textview
fade out view
make new AsyncTask class
make new RecyclerView class
make new FragmentPagerAdapter class

and thousands more

How to install this plugin ?

  1. Go to File->Settings->Plugins.
  2. Click Browse Repositories.
  3. Search for Exynap.
  4. Click install.
  5. Restart Android Studio.

This plugin is currently in Beta Version. For the full documentation visit the official site http://exynap.com/.

A very big thanks to the owner and developer Andreas Schrade for this plugin.

Enjoy Effortless Android Development and Happy coding :)

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