I’m Mad at This Ad 3 (I’m unimaginative with my Titles)

This time I thought I’d go classic and choose one of the favorites of anybody who ever had a bone to pick with Indian Advertising. This ad for Dollar Bigboss Banyans (Shown below — I would say watch at your own risk, but if you didn’t watch it, then there’s kind of no point to me writing this, so have fun beating your own brain to death after watching this)

Hahahahaha! Made you Watch!

First of all, I don’t believe this ad runs now. It used to be a staple on the TV as well as before movies for a while. Why this ad circulates no more is not a question I’m going to answer. Why this ad was made is what I will attempt to understand. This is a homage to this really shitty ad.

So it’s an ad for a banyan. Banyans are mainly purchased by men, hence the brand ambassador has to be manly and the theme has to be macho. Because the brand of banyan you wear defines the degree of masculinity that you possess. That’s how it works here. To be honest, most ads that sell banyans here have a similar template. See below for samples.

He was too metrosexual when they shot the ad, hence the mannequin
Macho among Macho
To make sure all the skinny people don’t overdose on protein
Ya, because that’s what you want, to wear this and see the stark contrast when you wear it and when Hrithik Roshan wears it.

(I just gave up several future posts’ material in these memes. Count yourself lucky)

Now back to the ad in question, 2 girls are jogging in what seems to be a sleepy town complete with cellist. They are accosted by bunch of goons and groped (I mean this literally). Akshay Kumar, hereafter referred to as Banyan Man (See point where he takes off his overalls to display giant dollar big boss logo, Ala Superman) jumps to their rescue. Now here comes the subliminal messages in this ad and it is quite ingenious. The goons who accost the ladies, who are essentially extras used to playing Gulshan Grover’s henchmen, are also wearing banyans! Though I’m sure it’s a brand being endorsed by Shakti Kapoor. Then Banyan Man shows up in his pure white (that means, whiter than the white in Tide ads) banyan as the doyen of greatness with the logo splashed on his chest. See the symbolism here?

After some nonsensical dialogue that makes no sense but rhymes for some reason (Somebody needs to tell the ad makers that rhyming during trash talk is an automatic DQ), Banyan Man proceeds to tangle up the dastardly villains using his great weapon, duct tape (& I thought Vision had the worst weapon, “Hey look I have a giant flashlight on my head”). Let’s pause here to analyse why Banyan Man uses Duct tape. Well, it has its advantages, it sticks to things. Oh wait, that’s the one thing it’s supposed to do. Anyway, Banyan Man prances around with the duct tape for no apparent reason (Or is there a reason…See Image)

He has his reasons

All this when a rope is clearly shown hanging nearby the scaffolding Banyan Man leaps off of. Good work, this ad. & Oh ya, the Ribbon, I mean tape , swinging thing really emphasizes the manly credentials of the ad.

Banyan Man proceeds to turn villains into the villains from b-grade Bollywood remake of the Mummy and then gets chummy with the ladies, who are now y suitably impressed with their sleeveless savior. & then Banyan Man, whose day job is an electrician (Probably because sitting atop electric poles give him a good vantage point from wherein to know when evil is afoot), proceeds to deliver his punch line — “Kabhi kabhi Shock Bhi Deta Hoon”.

I mean come on Banyan Man! You’re an electrician. The only reason people call you is to make sure they don’t get a shock. I believe its time for Banyan Man to quit his day job and take up hero work full time with his trusted duct tape.

As for the product being endorsed, it seems to be employing pretty subtle advertising (remember the symbolism, ya that), as nowhere in the ad is anything about the banyan mentioned, other than right at the end where Banyan Man says the name of the brand. I mean, you spent so much money on the ad, and you didn’t say much about your product? All I have to say is this —

P.S — They used some random oriental looking extras in the middle there? For the life of me, couldn’t understand the point, especially since all of them seem to have bits of tape on their faces. The only explanation that I can think of is that they are Banyan Man’s crack team of sidekicks — a photographer, a mechanic and a random dude reading a magazine. Makes me wonder what kind of dastardly plots these guys tackle on a daily basis.

They the real heroes!
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