Not all Pakistanis are terrorists

According to me, no right thinking citizen of any country would ever approve of terrorists living safely amongst them.
No one would appreciate the fact that Osama lived happily in their country.
No one would be happy to learn that a Mullah Omar lived and died on their soil.
No one can be pleased that Dawood Ibrahim breathes in the same city as theirs.

So any Pakistani also would hate to harbour terrorists. They all would be shocked to learn that Taliban leaders and their families live in Pakistan as their foreign secretary Sartaj Aziz confirmed. Like us, Pakistani citizens must be wondering why their country has failed to eliminate these terrorists and even cannot bring these guys on a table to talk! Is there no hold of Pakistan establishment in Pakistan?
I am sure ordinary citizens disapprove.
For long consumed by hatred for India and in seeking total influence in Afghanistan…many have turned their eye from terrorism!
For long Pakistan citizens remained in denial and then gave insipid reasons for terror in Pakistan. They have blamed the USA…India and even Muslim Ummah for all their ills! It’s time to look within.
If I was a Pakistani…I would reclaim my nation back from terrorists and their backers…and I am sure that right thinking Pakistanis are already doing this.

However, My problem is with the Pakistani Government. The problem lies with those who don’t do their jobs. There have been several cases where they have sponsored and bred terror, which I find unacceptable. They have a long history of doing this and then denying it, even when provided with credible evidence.

Criticise the people who need to be criticised; blame the ones that need to be blamed.
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