Strange(rs) night

It was late in the night, as usual, my 12 am routine started. Actually, it was very much late, it was like 12.30 am. I was very much bored and too much exhausted from the fever I had been carrying for the past 3 days. So I thought it would not be a good thing to strain my eyes and watch a movie or F.R.I.E.N.D.S for that matter. There wasn’t actually anything particularly interesting for me at that moment. So I decided to go online and chat with a random stranger at Omegle.

I guess, you would all have heard about it, if not try googling.

Now don’t judge me. Seriously don’t.

I settled in for a text chat and to be honest, I had no idea of what I was looking for. On my pursuit of finding a random stranger, I came across a girl named Becky from London.

She claimed herself to be aged at 19 with red colored hair and green-blue eyes.

At first, it all started with a lot of introductory questions beginning with,
What? Where? and How?

Slowly the conversation moved to a lighter tone more about life, love, and all the other kinds of stuff.

I felt this great vibe between us, at least, I felt it. We were having so much fun that she even praised me saying, ‘‘You have the cutest reactions’’. After a long time, I had this amazing conversation with a person from the opposite sex.

I was literally flying in the air.

We both thanked each other for the amazing convo we were having. So out of curiosity I asked her if there were any means to connect with her in the future; also adding that it was okay & understandable if she doesn’t want to share anything with me.

There was no reply from her side.

Then finally, she said, “I am confused and really don’t know how to respond”. I comforted her, actually pretended that it was okay & we carried talking.

Casually, I let her know about the time out here at my place as 2:30 am. She quickly advised me to sleep if I were feeling sleepy.

I can sleep. But how could I?

So, I let her know my feelings, “Yes, I want to sleep. But how do I sleep knowing that I will not be able to talk with you again. I will stay a little longer”.

I waited and waited and waited for her to reply.

But she didn’t.

She disconnected plainly. I was blank. I couldn’t believe that she would just walk out on me without a word. I just couldn’t leave her. I searched for her like a mad dog chasing cars.

I came across a lot of automated bot messages, horny men and even a well-wisher, who wished me luck in finding her.

The truth is I couldn’t find her.

How could I find her among the 29,000+ other online possibilities?

I don’t know if her name is truly Becky & have absolutely no clue if anything at all that she told about her was true.

But it felt good.
She felt good.
I just want to say a proper goodbye.