Awesome MiniCamp Mozilla Jaipur

because doing good is a part of our code…

Mozilla Community, Rajasthan organized an event on the 17th of August where newbies met with the Mozillians. It was great fun. The meet up between community members and newbies is similar to guidance meeting passion. This was my first event; beforehand, I was thinking “what would I do there?” Afterward, I realized I did something great. I created my own application without even typing a single line of code. I now understand what Mozilla is. I also got to know everyone at the event; they were down to earth, very kind, and responsive.

The poster shown here is where participants would put their signatures. Once everyone had signed he poster, the event officially started. The real fun starts from here. The chief guest of the event was Vineel Reedy Pindi who is Community Liaison at Mozilla India. He started the event with an awesome story about Mozilla India. Trishul Goel, another important figure, hosted the event; he was the first person I met when I entered the venue.

The best part of the event was that each person taking part was from someplace different, or speaking a different language; regardless, we all had a common aim: to do something for the Mozilla. Everyone there was enthusiastic and excited for the Mozilla but had no idea where to start, much less how. This event gave us the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone; it forced us to aim high and to do our best for the Mozilla because doing best is part of our code.

Before the event, I had some ideas that could be implemented as an application. But, at the time, I didn’t know how to print “Hello World!!” with lines of code. During the event, however, I was able to implement my idea; I turned it into an application and I didn’t have to write a single line of code. The Sachin Goyal and Ayush have created an amazing application which is for womens’ security. They, too, did not type a single line of code to make the awesome application and all this is done by the webmaker tool Appmaker.

Mozilla always stands for women. There was a number of girls partaking in the event. In their eyes, you could see the foundations of a dream; in their heart, you could see their love for Mozilla. This event gave them a platform to work off of. Jahnvi Kamra, a girl from Arya College, created a nice application. Another girl from Arya College named Ekta Lodha used webmaker tool popcorn to create a nice video. The webmaker mentor Adit Bharadwaj is also a nice guy. Pleasure to meet him.

Throughout this blog post, I have talked about an application being created without knowing a coding language. But what if someone wants to create an application with code? Well, this event didn’t upset people with this goal in mind. There was a session for the enthusiastic people who wanted to create their application with code. This session was enthusiastically hosted by Lavish Aggarwal.

We had some Ice-Breaker sessions, too. The Raj Suthar was cheering everyone on.

Well, every mentor — Adit Bharadwaj, Trishul Goel, Raj Suthar, Lavish Aggarwal, Varun Kaushik, Osho Parth, Tushar Arora — and everyone else, did a great job. I did not waste any of my time going to this event. All seven hours were, perhaps, the most productive seven hours of my life. Special thanks to Vineel Reddy Pindi for telling us about Mozilla in a great manner.

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