Be respectful, you don’t realise how much you can fuck someone up!

Excuse my language but I am kind of angry. Relationships right, they are tough. You may fall in love but when you are young in today’s society these relationships don’t tend to work out. There is so much more distraction. To travel, to follow a career, to pursue someone else. Distractions everywhere, it is hard to feel safe in a relationship now a days. I write this post to say respect the other person in the relationship you are about to let go. You’ve had enough? You’ve fallen out of love? You are interested in someone else? Now is not the right time? The reasons could be endless.

Remember that this person probably doesn’t feel the same, this is your choice and if this is your choice please be respectful! DO NOT keep in contact with that person if you have decided you can no longer be with them. The longer you carry something on that you don’t want is just cruel, yes you may initially miss that person after breaking up with them, REMEMBER this is what you have chosen.

When someone is in love any indication you may give them you are slightly interested when you are not is absolutely shattering and confusing! You call or you text to see how they, maybe because you feel a little bit guilty of the pain you have caused.. Don’t do it!! You may not realise it but you are totally playing with their emotions, you are fucking them up! I truly believe mental abuse is far long lasting and more destroying than physical abuse (not that I am condoning either of these behaviours). I am just trying to say that you will never know what that heartbroken person is going through. Their confidence will be shattered, they will be reflecting on what they have done wrong, they will be hoping that you will admit to make a mistake. Leave them alone!! They are hurting immensely.

You may have been over the relationship a long time before ending things but they are not. They are shocked and destroyed. LEAVE THEM ALONE and let them move on with their lives!!

I write this to the person who broke my heart. You have continuously tried to come back into my life to make sure I am still around in some way or another. You do not want me and I don’t think you ever did. Thank you for ringing me last week to bring that ounce of hope back into my mind. Thank you for moving on with someone we both considered a friend. Thank you for patronizing me in front of mutual friends when all I wanted to do was escape. Thank you for never taking my feelings into account. Thank you for pretending to show me love. Thanks for all the fake love. But most of all thank you for totally fucking me up!

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