What is it all about?

Does anyone else wake up or stay awake at night and think what is life all about? I have read many pieces of literature which make me think about it. Is it odd that I think about it so much? Call me negative but I often do wonder why I get up and do things which I absolutely despise, but when there is nothing that gives you passion what must you do? What if life continues to be just one disappointment? You try to be strong and every time you try to think positive you get knocked back.

We have this belief that there are so many worse off than we are. Which is completely true, however I think this ideology can have negative affects. I have been told time and time again that I have a wonderful life compared to poverty stricken children in Africa. Again this is completely true although it gives a lot of negative energy in my mind. Why am I not happy? I should be.

We are in charge of our own fate, however having no motivation for life can be very difficult. Especially if you are a driven person… Why is it all about? Why is life so difficult?

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