LEAD Incubator and Startup Accelerator (LISA) founded by Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) LEAD participants for the LEAD Community is an ecosystem for Innovators and Startup founders. It is the first hybrid platform for incubating Ideas to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and scaling ventures globally.

​LISA empowers the global community of disruptive founders to create innovative solutions for the world’s pressing challenges and new opportunities.

How LISA works?

Idea To Application

Stanford GSB students and alumni with ideas of entrepreneurship apply to take part in the LISA Cohort program.

Incubation (Idea to MVP)

When your application to participate is approved, you will…

The future of work is evolving to keep up with the changing social and technological landscape. The work environment needs to evolve accordingly for a more human-centered approach. The companies need to refocus and emphasize the importance of collaboration, quality leadership, flexibility, meaning, adaptation and education. With global workplace dynamics and new technology facilitating mobile working, younger professionals are moving away from the traditional 9-to-5 grind and office settings. They want workplaces to evolve with their own way of thinking and lifestyles.

Below are top 5 strategies companies can invest in to attract and retain talent.

1. Invest in internal capability development and education

How can you integrate a digital mindset into your Brand Experience?


The digital space is emerging with a force like never before. Artificial Intelligence is set to transform our lives. eSports is forecast to be worth US$1bn by 2020, and computer-generated Instagram influencers are slowly becoming a norm. It’s an era where fashion is slowly becoming a digital space where clothes are being produced that exist exclusively online. As the concept of #designingfordigital becomes more important, is your Brand exploring new technologies, their creative uses and digital mediums of engagement for a stand-out effect?

The digital world is increasingly influencing physical design, and it is an opportunity for brands to…

Sustained Innovation

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, addressing challenges requires a powerful combination of design thinking and systems thinking. Innovation is key for success today, but for long-lasting impact businesses need to invest in sustained innovation. Design communities, Product manufacturers and Businesses in Trading & Commerce need to “think like a system, and act like an entrepreneur”

I have been lately giving thoughts to what is sustained innovation? What are the key building blocks for innovation with lasting impact in any Business? I listed 8 principles which are an absolute-must in my opinion.


Using research-led knowledge and hands-on approach to confront global challenges with optimism, creativity, new technologies and manufacture change. There is a need to design circular systems in the wake of scarce resources, climate change and environmental necessity.


Technology is constantly emerging and evolving. Digitalization needs to be understood as a new instrument of spirituality and belief, as…

Women’s empowerment continues to be an urgent point of focus around the world. As diversity becomes imperative to the future success of many businesses, brands need to go beyond simply advertising the message to ensure they’re living it.

Women are banding together to prioritise collaboration over competition, forming safe spaces for creativity, camaraderie and connection. In the wake of #MeToo, there has been a rise in the popularity of female-only spaces for working and recharging.

Social media is flooded with celebratory and empowering messages, while brands take public stands by rolling out topical campaigns. For branders and advertisers some key…

Feel to Create!

Feel to create

Which emotions are you evoking with your storytelling? Which emotions are you selling with your product or experiences? Are you encouraging your customers to explore the most fundamental emotions of anger, nostalgia, fear, happiness, sadness, or surprise? Or are you touching the realm of emotions that offer provocative, unusual or even frightening experiences?

Stories can make or break your persuasion efforts. So as a brand, writer, marketer or as an artist your Storytelling needs to be devoted to how you want your audience to feel. …

Did we go to the same place together? Is it the same place you visited, where I have been?

Heard it so often from people who have traveled to the same places as me, that it made me think what is it that is different in the way I see things!

Passion for photography and the classic design principles of form, line, color, texture & space for sure help me create harmonious visuals. But there is more to creation of visual scenes that inspire & engage the audience —

  1. Something vastly more important that comes after you “see” the…

People are increasingly buying brands for experiential benefit as opposed to functional values alone. Most brands understand that designing experience is paramount to their existence . But how about designing the meaning of these experiences for them? How do your customers relate to these experiences?

In order to cut through the noise of over- marketing and overload of information and experiences, consumers want to be able to connect emotionally to the brand, its services and its products. Awareness of self and interest in own well-being are inspiring users to build more happiness-making moments into their daily routines. And they…

8 Building blocks for sustained innovation

Innovation is the #buzzword. Every Brand & company seems to be joining the bandwagon. We see innovation being added to company values and mission statements in accelerating numbers. But everyone has their own perspective and framework for achieving it.

It’s not enough to talk about innovation or follow it because it’s the trend. Innovation is also not just investing in trying to come up with new products, services, and experiences. Innovation means commitment, investing in change for sustained growth. For that to happen, first the company needs to find a common language of innovation and sow its seeds in…

Deepti Pahwa

I was born to discover stories. Understand, Imagine, Create — lies at the heart of everything I do. I believe in sharing those stories to inspire communities

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