Reddit, 3 minutes & A Dream = 1.3m

This is the story not of death but new life, the triumph of a young. This is the story about Cindy Wu and her and her founding partners brain child Microryza, not the sexiest name. That doesn't matter, what matters though is her sensational ability to deliver her idea in nothing more than three minutes and raise her company as a Kickstarter.

This is something We should see as the start of something special. Here she comes with no degree, no business training, regardless was still able to pull off something so phenomenal. The power of definitiveness of purpose organised planning and a strong determination to see it through, in doing so raised 1.2 million to date with the power of social media powering her dream.

Put simply she was able to open the gap in the market overwrite an injustice she saw with funding for scientific research, she saw what need she could meet and went for it, if more would just do it you can do what she did for many other scientist in the community her speech here, really shows Millennials using what you have at your disposal the free ‘gift’ known as Social Media you can move mountains. Millennial to Millennial Wu done an amazing job, got to it, and is reaping the fruits of her benefits in abundance.

Well done Cindy.