GSoC Week — 11

Ayush Goyal
Aug 15, 2017 · 1 min read

This was the worst week ever. I was working on a lot things and I was half way through my work. Since the code was not complete so I haven’t pushed it anywhere and was working on the localhost, and then suddenly my mac froze and I had to force restart it. And then the most devastating thing happened. My hard disk crashed. Every bit of data gone in snap.

And this is not the worst part, since Apple’s internet recovery doesn’t work behind proxy so I cannot just reinstall the OS directly. I first had to find a person who has Mac, then I had to download OS on his system from App Store and then make a bootable pendrive to install OS on my system. And due to bad internet speed it took forever to download that 5 GB file.

Anyway at last I installed everything, setup my working environment and started working again.

I am definately gonna replace my hard disk now once the GSoC period is over.

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