Why Facebook ?

Ayush Goyal
Feb 17, 2018 · 2 min read

So, some time back I deactivated my facebook account and was cut-off from the social network realm entirely. I thought it was the best decision I could make because now I had a lot of free time with me which I was previously wasting in scrolling through unnecessary feeds.

The reason why I deactivated my account is mentioned in my previous post[1]. It was also not the first time I tried staying away from Facebook, I have deactivated my facebook account before too.

The problem nowadays is, Facebook has spread its roots so deep in the life of people that even if a single individual wants to stay away from it, he/she could not.
In my case, I am not returning to facebook because of some addiction. I am returning because I had to.
In the absence of Facebook, I was missing out a lot of things. All of the people from my department primarily share information, notes, books, etc., on the facebook group only. And I was missing out all the things. I had to repeatedly tell people to share stuff from the group to me via E-mail, but how can I ask for something which I don’t even know is shared in the group.
For example, yesterday only we were supposed to have our Tractor and Power Systems Lab class and since I had till now not submitted a single lab report I wrote everything till night and was prepared for the submission. But just a few hours before the lab my friend told that lab class was cancelled !
I was so frustrated that if I has this information this beforehand, I could have done some other important work the day before instead of copying the lab manual. It was the time I decided I have to go back to the facebook!

References :

[1]Leaving the realm of social media, again !


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