Live Longer, Eat Ten a Day

We’re all aware that we should be eating our five a day and for many of us achieving this is a struggle! But this week some health experts announced that we should, in fact, be eating ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

The study by Imperial College London aimed to “investigate how much fruit and vegetables you need to eat to gain the maximum protection against disease and premature death.” The results of the study found that five portions is good, but ten a day is best.

The research suggested that, in comparison to eating no fruit and vegetables:

  • 200g cut the risk of cardiovascular disease by 13% while 800g cut the risk by 28%
  • 200g cut the risk of cancer by 4%, while 800g cut the risk by 13%
  • 200g cut the risk of a premature death by 15%, while 800g cut the risk by 31%

However, GK Chesterton said “The trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body, is that it is so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind.”

In Default Blue marketing and design studio we’re currently partial to Bourbons, cookies and muffins so we’re aware we need to take our own healthcare more seriously…..but we think we’ll be trying to get our five a day before we attempt the big ten!

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