Met Office Marketing

This morning Default Blue saw some snow fall and, unsurprisingly, not settle. Other parts of the country were waking up to one type of weather warning or another from the Met Office, some reporting threats of a ‘storm surge’ and ‘thunder snow’ expecting to cause many towns disruption including evacuation.

Whilst a Storm Surge is described as a tsunami-like costal flood, Thunder Snow is considered to be a rare type of storm where snow falls instead of rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Whilst these both sound dangerous, we do have to consider whether these terms, amongst many others, are part of a marketing ploy on behalf of the meteorological community to create excitement around the UK’s largely average weather!

At Default Blue we understand that it can sometimes be tricky to market a business or product that isn’t, on the face of it, inherently interesting to its target audience. For example, we have many years’ experience in marketing healthcare products where sensitivity and discretion is much more important than bells and whistles. So if you’re struggling to generate customer interest in a product or service, please contact the Default Blue marketing and design team to put the surge and thunder back into your business.