From fitness to firing range

Joe Fox joined the Army Reserves in 2012 after spotting them at his University’s freshers fair. It was the flexibility that won him over.

“It was always my intention to join the Army one day and the Reserves gave me the perfect opportunity to do that alongside my studies,” he said.

Since joining 103 Regiment Royal Artillery Joe has been on exercise to the Falkland Islands and has been involved in numerous military exercises both overseas and in the UK.

With his regiment Joe trains on and deploys with some of the Army’s most advanced Artillery systems. He is trained to operate the 105mm light gun which fires six rounds per minute.

“Operating within the command post involves inputting data gathered about the target and relaying it to the gun line so they know where to fire,” he said.

As well as exercising overseas and playing a full part on operations, members of 103 Regiment RA enjoy a range of social, sporting and adventurous training opportunies.

In civilian life, Joe Fox is a fitness instructor, taking group classes, providing one-to-one sessions and advising people on how to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle.

“Fitness is one of my passions in life and being in the Army Reserves has given me not just the physical robustness required but also the confidence and leadership skills that I use day-to-day in the workplace.”

LBdr Fox has high praise for the Army Reserves and say’s that there’s a role for everyone: “I have made some great friends in the reserves and been to some amazing places. I’d highly recommend it to anyone no matter what walk of life you come from.”

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