Working in Defence — Meet Tom

Tom Visiting 10 Downing Street

My name is Tom and I’m proud to work in Defence.

I started my career in the MOD as a Summer Casual working in the Cost Assurance and Analysis Service, within the Defence Infrastructure Organisation. I was fortunate to work with great people, gain valuable experience and learn new skills regarding Cost Forecasting and Modelling. I soon realised the MOD was a great place to work that presented seemingly endless career opportunities.

On promotion I became a Commercial Officer, learning how to negotiate and place contracts. I supported the negotiations of a £124m contract and managed a £230m supply contract.

Being ambitious, I wanted to develop my career but always worried that as a non-Graduate I thought I would be disadvantaged and not receive same opportunities.

However, my colleagues in MOD encouraged me to apply for the one of internal development scheme in MOD for staff with high leadership potential. After successfully applying to the scheme I have been offered career support in the MOD through a series of challenging posts and access to a network of peers and learning opportunities. A great thing about the MOD is there are a variety of professions to explore, and I would encourage anyone joining the Civil Service to move around and try new things.

The MOD supports volunteers too. Personally, I am chair of the MOD Civil Service Lifeboat Fund, a group of Civil Servants across government supporting the RNLI to fund the Civil Service’s 53rd Lifeboat. As a windsurfer, the RNLI is a service I hope to never need but I’m very thankful it’s there. Being Chair of the MOD fundraising group has allowed me to further develop a variety of skills outside of my normal role, including policy and finance.

Tom Windsurfing

I currently work in the Maritime Investment Approvals team, with a portfolio of circa £15bn of maritime equipment. I help Project Teams through the investment approvals process by advising them on the evidence required and reviewing their submissions to approving authorities. I really enjoy my job and I intend to develop my career in the Investment Approvals and Scrutiny profession.

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