Working in Defence — Meet William

William with his daughter Natalie who also works at the Ministry of Defence

My name’s William and I’m proud to work in Defence.

I joined the RAF, aged 16, as an Apprentice Weapons Fitter at No1 School of Technical Training, the RAF’s aircraft engineering school. I served for 30 years on many units in both UK and Germany before my uniformed service came to an end.

In August 1999 I joined MOD as a civilian. Since then I have had a variety of roles within MOD developing expertise on weapons systems, including a period of time working in industry. One of the ways in which working in MOD has benefitted me is by allowing me to learn skills that are in demand across the wider defence industry and explore new roles.

My current role is something different again! I am now a Regional Resettlement Officer. This has given me the opportunity to offer continued support to serving members of the Armed Forces preparing for a future in civilian life.

During my time both in and out of uniform I have enjoyed myself and had many career highlights, to pick out just a few would be a difficult task. I would just like to say that given my time over I would do exactly the same again without hesitation.

My daughter Natalie has also found a career in MOD. Together we have worked in MOD for nearly 70 years! We are both very proud to provide support to our service men and women over the world.

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