Clinton Foundation President Donna E. Shalala’s Letter to Colleagues in Philanthropy
Donna E. Shalala

Once again, the Clinton Foundation is seeing donations for Hurricane Matthew, but the few that have flown in aid find that the Clinton Foundation has provided NOTHING in this time of crisis, even though it exploits natural disasters for donations. Why is this?

The cries for help from Haitians are now heard from the few, less-endowed non-profits, yet they cannot begin to meet the extraordinary needs of a devastated country. Why hasn’t the Clinton Foundation stepped up with any disaster relief whatsoever?

It appears that you have answered this question for the inquiring public. The Clinton Foundation exists for its own purposes and exploiting the poor and third-world countries is its front for operating its tax-exempt and pay-for-play operations. The slick marketing website and propensity to accept donations from foreign countries that are large in scale hint at a corrupt and fraudulent slush fund that operates using the Clinton Foundation.

The ratings that you crow about are nothing more than a governmental Form 990 in which you have fabricated numbers that meet an algorithm to earn a rating. It in no way reflects the actual success of a program that is evaluated in human quality of life that has been improved anywhere.

Americans demand that The Clinton Foundation be shuttered until after such time a new Department of Justice and FBI investigation can be made into the workings of this criminal enterprise, The Clinton Foundation.

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