Bangladesh Army Bought Nora B-52K2 SPG Howitzer to Protect Border from Serbia

Most effective field artillery of Bangladesh Army after VT-1A MBT, the Nora B-52 K2 SPH Gun

Bangladesh Army acquired 18 units of Nora B-52K2 SPG Howitzer from Serbia, 12 more units are on the way.

Serbian Nora B-52K2 Self-Propelled Howitzer Gun is a 155 mm/52-calibre self-propelled howitzer weapon system. This SPH gun designed & developed by the Serb ‘Military Technical Institute Belgrade’ and manufactured by Yugoimport SDPR. Bangladesh Army bought units which are fitted with a French SAGEM Sigma 30 inertial navigation system. SAGEM Sigma 30 inertial navigation system enables the SPH Gun for autonomous navigation and pointing of the projectiles at the targets.

Bangladeshi variant has an additional armored full automatic with closed turret, new stronger chassis, radar on barrel for measuring projectile trajectory and speed, NBC protected cabin and turret, automated fire-suspension system, smoke grenade launcher, intercom for crew and new software.

More specifically BA K2 variant is upgraded with 25 liter chamber, higher rate of fire, laser guided long range ammunition, smaller crew, new automated functions, smaller weight~25 tons, automatic leveling of gun in north direction, new smoke and light grenade launcher.

K designation stands for Kamaz chassis, number for orientation of main weapon in relationship to north and letter for level of equipment and/or export designation. It is possible on demand to equip Nora B-52 howitzer with 152 mm gun. All versions have differences in chassis, armour, turret, loading and support system.

All versions with automatic loader features MRSI capability. Standard equipment includes a computerized fire control system and a land navigation system. Ballistic protection is provided against small arms fire, shell splinters and some mines.