Tracking/Exposing America’s Most Wanted Using OSINT (Part 1)

Disclaimer: A warning before all the ultra-expert, python-script running keyboard OSINT commandos bomb me with hate messages that this is basic plug-n-play investigation work. What this is supposed to be, is an example of a surprisingly super basic investigation utilizing OSINT, with my goal being to lightly scratch the surface of what is possible for ANYONE to do with only a phone/computer and internet connection.


Hiding in plain sight. This is a phrase I’ve read and heard about since my days as a young investigator. I practiced it while doing the grunt work of surveillance cases that would often move from vehicle to foot work in large cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. …

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Tracking/Exposing America’s Most Wanted Using OSINT (Part 2)

Well here we are, together again. Unless you are totally new and came here without reading of this 3 part series, I highly recommend spending a few minutes and checking it out before moving on to our investigation into the It will help explain the direction we are going with our investigation.


Our first step is to run all the images from the most wanted Cyber page of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) website into our Russian Facial Recognition website, FindClone. I want to emphasize that this is the easy part. If you are experimenting for yourself and trying out the search with a photograph or two, the actual uploading of the images to search is fairly fast, and the results come quickly. …


Sancho Villa

Investigator squeezing in a dose of #PublicDefender Shenanigans and finding/sharing #OSINT sources. Views are definitely my own, not my employer🕵🏾

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