DeFi Return goes live!

Defi Return is an easy to use asset tracker where the users do not need to connect their Web3 wallet to get a balance sheet of their asset. What makes Defi Return so unique is that, unlike any other Defi tracker or Crypto Aggregator, it keeps track of your assets with a Profit and Loss balance in real time, including your asset performance with buy & sell dates included!

Defi Return currently supports assets on the Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon and Fantom Blockchains.

How are your DeFi Investments performing?

All you have to do is connect your MetaMask wallet and you will be able to see the protocol, the type of investment it is and your assets inside said protocol.

And here’s the sweet part, DefiReturn has a cost column where its displayed how much the user spent in said asset when they staked it into a Farm that is integrated to our environment. That way, the user can see a detailed Profit & Loss in the column profit.

The liquid assets in the wallet show the same amount as cost and value at the moment, but not for long… The next step in our roadmap is to show in the cost column how much the user paid for the assets, even if they have it liquid in their wallet, and how much are those tokens worth at today’s price.

Check out our working app at

By the way, Defi Return already supports Polycub and the various tokens that are part of the Leo Finance DeFi Ecocsystem, so in case you are a Polycub Maximalist, feel free to bookmark, you won’t regret it.

We are in Beta Version at the moment, so any feedback you can leave in the comment section or directly in our [Discord Server]( is highly appreciated.

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How are your DeFi Investments performing?

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