The Power of Choices

You are one of a kind. Your story, how you came to be the person you are today is unique. And your road-map to becoming a healthier, happier individual will be different from everyone else! With all the distinct experiences that have created us, we have one commonality; we are in control of our future. 
Everything we decide to do on a daily basis either pushes us in a positive or negative direction. Being healthy is a choice. Being positive is a choice, so is being happy. It may be more difficult for some, but ultimately we are in control.
We can choose to get up early to work-out or we can choose to sleep in. We can choose to eat our fruits and vegetables or not. We can choose to invest in our wellness or we can make less healthy choices that may ultimately cost us our health. Our current health and well-being (for the most part) is the sum of the decisions we have made up until this point. Our future health and well-being will be affected by what we choose to prioritize from this day forward. Which do you choose: illness or health?
When we choose to make our health a priority, it’s great to have a vision of our best-self. Just as important as that “big picture” are the all steps and choices made to get there. We are the sum of our choices. When we focus on making one small improvement at a time there is a more positive association with the lifestyle change process. Over time all the little changes in a positive direction will add up and we will find ourselves on the path to success!
Our story is still a work in progress; we have the power to choose the life we wish to lead. Choose to prioritize your health. Your future self will thank you!

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