3 YouTubers Changing Social Media in Japan

As social platforms continue to find their footing in Japan, one platform that seems to gain traction without the same challenges as Facebook and Instagram is YouTube.

For the most part, YouTube makes its money on views and since anonymity is so important in Japan, this works perfect for the platform, giving users the chance to view content without the hassle of having to create a full on public profile.

This being the case, those that are creating a public profiles and finding ways to explore the beauty of YouTube and self broadcasting are finding their footing becoming sensations in the land of the rising sun.

Here are just a few that are catching the attention of consumers everywhere and building personal brands with the potential to change the perception of social media in Japan and how it’s leveraged.

Yuka Kinoshita (OoGui Eater)

Yuka actually has an eating condition where she has to consume a certain amount of calories everyday in order to gain the nutrients needed. This being the case, her channel is simply he eating tons of food.

Now, here is why we think this is amazing. Here in Japan, it’s culturally appropriate not to talk about certain health conditions or personal condition, for the most part people are private about this. It’s nice to see someone coming out of the woodwork to be transparent about their life, how they’ve made light of it, and ultimately can have fun.


These guys are hilarious! Their YouTube channel gets watched everyday by millions both in Japan and in other parts of the world. What’s great about these guys is that they’re bringing the best parts of YouTube, along with what Japanese consumers are also used to watching on regular television to a digital platform everyone can enjoy.

If you’re looking for fun content or just want to learn more about what kids are into these days, check out these two guys, you won’t regret it.


Can you drop a beat? This channel can- music is hot in Japan, even hotter is anyone who can actually make a tune work. On this channel, you can have fun while also being entertained watching these guys jam, beatbox, collab with popular international celebrities and more.

If you want to put your Spotify on pause, press play on this channel and enjoy.

While social platforms look to take hold of the Japanese market, it’s nice to see new companies leveraging opportunities to express themselves while also entertaining and reaching new custome