How these Brands are leading the Mobile Movement in Japan

You don’t have to live in Japan to know that it’s a mobile driven culture. We can save the reasons for this on another post. While mobile is the best way to access consumers in Japan, the path to creating a seamless digital and social experience that works hasn’t been perfected.

However, we’re getting there. According to eMarketer, mobile expenditure by brands will top 801 billion yen this year, which is nearly 70 percent of the total spend on digital advertising. Stats like this show us the demand marketers are putting on mobile engagement.

In terms of whose doing it right, a recent study by Ansible measured the impact of 3,500 brands by 5 categories: discoverability, mobile optimization, navigation and content, utility, and driving desired actions. Of those brands the ones with the most impact in Japan were Mercari, Amazon, and Domino’s.

In studying the results, here’s what we found.

Consumes value the actual product value

Consumers in Japan want the same thing as everyone else, products they can trust. For this reason, the mobile experiences and even social content that showcases the most value, information, and even user reviews will tend to drive more user activity. The brands excelling in this are the ones that place this as a key priority to driving the kind of authenticity and transparency needed to win over customers.

A good user experience will keep users engaged

User experience and UI specialties is a universal demand that is evolving in more regions than just Japan. Companies are learning that when they create experiences outside of social destinations they have more control to develop an ecosystem that can actually drive several facets of their business forward. However, to do this, they need to use the best insights to ensure they’re developing experiences that actually work for both the business and the consumer.

Calls to action are integral for driving clicks

Finally, properly positioning strategic calls to action within the mobile ecosystem seems to help brands drive deeper engagement and quicker clicks based on the data they’re attempting to garner from consumers. In most cases, users want a quicker path to purchase without the additional hassle. They also want to avoid multiple windows, clunky pop ups, and other distractions that keep them from getting what they want, which is essentially the product you’ve created for them.