The problem is, and this is why good science is lacking in this case, that good science always…
Chris Lochner

While a majority of scientists may agree that “climate change” is real, thats not really relevant and neither is the possibility that humans are the “main cause”.
The more relevant question is “What should, or could, be done?” and “Is it catastrophic?”
There isn’t agreement on answers to either of those questions.
In addition, how can “climate change” be entirely caused by humans when the climate has been changing for all of history? CO2 isn’t even the #1 greenhouse gas, water vapor is. Carbon is not a ver good insulator. Take the desert for example. Between night and day it has the largest temperature shift than any other region. If carbon was a good insulator, why does the temperature fall so fast and so low at night in a desert? Its because there is a lack of humidity, low water vapor in the atmosphere.

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