10 Things Girls on Dating Sites Should Stop Doing

We’ve all got pet peeves, right?
Minor annoyances, that, if piled up, can be majorly irritating.
I’m here to reveal a list of things you can do to not be obnoxious and get matches on dating sites.

#1: Don’t make your photos group pictures, especially your first one.
This can make singling you out confusing and usually brings with it baggage about the unpleasant feelings associated with group pictures.

#2: Don’t state how many tattoos you have.
At the risk of sounding quite blunt, nobody cares. Unless it’s some bizarre number like 112, having 7 or 8 tattoos really isn’t a feather in your cap.
Just take a picture of them and let the art speak for itself.

#3: Don’t give a warning about your weight.
We already know you’re sensitive about it — no need to tell the whole world to swipe left or ignore if you have cellulite.

#4: Don’t say you’re swiping for the animal in someone’s photo.
Not only is this off-putting, it’s also self defeating. Dating someone because they give you free stuff from their job is shallow, but is it the same if you date someone because they have a cute pet?

#5: Don’t always expect to have the other party message first.
Rude! Besides, many guys are getting the impression that girls are mostly pretty unoriginal. (Prove me wrong with blistering one-liners in the comments)

#6: Don’t leave your bio blank, or write a novellete.
Underdescription makes you seem shallow, a surplus of description looks kinda clingy.

#7: Don’t make profiles at all for “just friends”.
I’m just gonna waste your time, and you’re gonna waste mine.

#8: Don’t state political preference.
This may seem like an important thing to put down, but in the past, people of differing political views have actually maintained successful relationships and marriages. This may cause some discomfort but you never know what might happen. Who knows, you might just change their mind.

#9: Don’t include photos without you in them.
This isn’t a Pinterest board, people want to know what you look like.

#10: And for goodness sake, stop using those stupid Snapchat filters.
You know the ones I’m talking about.