Our journey starts

In this corner of Medium we will be sharing our journey. We will showcase how a Costa Rican #sportstech startup is generating interactions that develop the skills and performance of football (soccer) teams in Latin America.

What type of sports technology? we are creating mobile apps that help coaches, players, player’s parents and clubs to communicate better. We believe that by improving communication we can improve the young players’ understanding of the beautiful game, becoming better players and better persons.

We hope that by sharing our journey clubs, coaches, players and their parents can know more about how their teams can improve their development with our products. We will also share our experience on setting up and running a #sportstech start-up with the hope of engaging fellow entrepreneurs and people related to the industry.

In this blog we will share our steps on how we are creating a future where Latin American football academies develop the world’s best teams and players through technology that is within the region’s reach.

If you are interested in knowing more about our products and services feel free to contact us via email or check out our website. You can engage with us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by commenting our Medium stories.

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