Arsenal vs. Southampton

Ghanaman Thanks for taking the time (exactly 8 mins of your life) to read my article.

I bet the past 3-4 years have been wonderful for you. I bet you felt great comfort in the fact that Fergie chose the Chosen One. I can feel the frustration in your words. The pain. You used to win it all. Recently, you had to endure 3420 minutes of the most innovative and most inventive game plan of life, the Moyes crossing tactic. I wonder what that does to the psyche. I can almost comprehend your ability to compare Jose dog crap football to Wenger fantasy-land football. It must be hard watching into your mirror on Tuesday and Wednesday waiting to waste 90 mins of your day on a Thursday. I’m going to root for your team to win as many useless Europa Games as you can minus 1. This Premier league season will probably be déja vu for you.

Anyway, Arsenal will win the league this season so their season should be documented properly.

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