Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

I guess I’m curious as to how you actually Feel about Nate Parker’s co-writer/director was convicted of the very same rape act.

We call Nate Parker an ‘alleged rapist’ because of a nasty legal loophole technicality that stated that a man couldn’t be sure to have raped a woman he consensually engaged in a previous sex act with

(I’m not legally attached: but the obvious implication is that a woman could not- in that area, at that time- prove a husband, boyfriend, or sexual acquaintance forced you into an act you didn’t consent to.

All because you said ‘yes’ in some precious context.

Does this feel right to you? Does it feel right that the woman took her own life and could not have come forward herself to speak on why she may not be able to appreciate his artistic talents.. when his talent for violence and subjugation of women had been displayed and perpetrated by him?)

I had no beef or knowledge of this man.

To me, how anyone feels about any other aspect of this… travesty is entirely secondary and likely entirely irrelevant when compared to the Inhumanity of Rape..

I really can’t summon energy to give more fucks about any Art.. Black or otherwise more than I care than this man not be allowed any more success that he has in the name of Blackness???

What’s disturbing to me about his choice in marriage and perhaps what women who have (understandably) hurt feelings over colorism, and are not at the point in their maturity arc to understand that he raped a white woman and got away with it… attained success and married the image of a woman he previously destroyed.

This isn’t disturbing to you? He -and his co-writer, who was convicted of the rape Parker got off for- put a rape scene of a black woman (Turner’s Historically Non-existent wife into this movie..for art?, bitterness attached or no this is the definition of ‘misogynoir’ unnecessary depictions of black female suffering) and no one bats an eye over the Details.

I do not understand how you are more agitated by ‘black feminists’ than you are about the Details.

How is there a word to spare for what women Say, when what Many of these men have Done is so heinous, so warped, and so beyond human empathy in the Very Way White People have spoken down to black people who didn’t ‘state their cases correctly'