I know I’m dominating you with my normative behavior and talk, but here’s why this is regressive:

I think you should check your preachy tone, because the black and white race are Not spouses.

I am not reacting emotionally and I’m black and I certainly Feel emotionally about your approach.

If the ‘white guy’ should not have to ‘idly sit’ and listen to an ‘emotional, illogical, intellectually lazy’ black person who is traumatized due to the cultural affectations of systematic racism and their impacts on every white And black person born in America, no person of color who lives in -at best- an oppressively white State.

I think that if your personal logic suits you so well, over the unreasonable emotionality of some others- why have you (have you?) not studied logical black voices who say Much the same things with less projected sentimentality. There are hundreds upon hundreds who say that these responses you’ve come across that affront your senses of appropriate discourse are symptomatic of generations of miseducation both emotional and educational.

Does the statement that ‘A black life in the world is outlined in abuse of the blackness that is fantastic and settles like sand into the most inconspicuous of spaces’ ring false because it’s emotional? Or does the picture become clearer with illogical description?

I think -as a person whose personality is a manifestation of an introverted feeling an extroverted intuition and introverted Thinking- these things are scientifically based manifestations of my cognitive functioning.. perhaps You are a thinker which is why it makes more sense to You and is more comfortable for You to put thinking, & logic into a preferred category)- don’t denigrate emotional and intuitive people to functioning Beneath you.

You sound smarmy, and cold- these things are as ill-equipped to properly transmit a message as are flights of hysteria.

I didn’t see empathy in what you wrote- and if you indeed cannot- maybe you should and could refrain, entirely…

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