I know I’m dominating you with my normative behavior and talk, but here’s why this is regressive:

I’m fairly certain I never spoke about my beliefs and your assumptions are rude, and based in Biased logic: it protects your ideals while condemning the beliefs You Think I hold to… apparently there is only one lane of thought that would cause me to believe (at this moment) that you are, in fact, prejudiced (to say the Very least).

You seem to feel you’re wielding your ‘elite intellectualism’ against emotional communicators.

This is what I don’t appreciate in communications between Any people: most certainly, it’s inappropriate in adult communication.

You are emotional about your argument, not I.

I am not aligned with the #blacklivesmatter movement: as I see it black patriarchal values in a white patriarchal system, self hate, colorism, and misogynoir are responsible for the destruction of the black community and the black female phenotype.

In a patriarchy, men who do not protect, provide, or create provisions for the women and children of their ‘tribe’ are judged worthless by other men.

The coddling that black men receive when associated with the black community (above and beyond any such treatment for its women, most plainly women that represent the dark woman archetype) creates entitled, narcissistic men, women with no men who feel called to perform the ‘male duties’ within their communities and families, & children with no fathers.

So- if you’re quite above nonsense, do your research and stop trying to get in the spotlight fighting with unfortunate people about the Obvious existence of white privilege, there are better counter-arguments…

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