I’m sorry, but the racists are those who want to make broad (negative or positive) generalizations…
Traditional Tradesman

I’m sorry- but no. You are indeed, incorrect. Do the research (which primarily would include doing Real Unassuming reading on all the topics you obviously believe are bullshit)

I’ll tell you a little known secret: the black community Is sick and Does Not care for itself. It’s true. As a whole the black community is broken and is a microcosm of colorism, and racial hatred.

Not all black people are criminals But there is and has been since before the Ottoman Empire a violent and controlling black male patriarchy. Europeans colonized the globe and now Asian races have equaled them in monetary control. This doesn’t leave black men any space to excel in the face of inter’racial’ hatred/aversion.

Colorism came from Africa, and the Ottoman/Easy African/Trans Atlantic slave trades along with xenophobia and religious conquering created a climate in which ‘black/browness’ is equated with negativity In Every Section of the Globe.

White privileged is older and more pervasive than America.

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