Gun Power

America long ago became the greatest country on earth from the use of gun power. The country used its mighty power of weapons to establish order and civilization throughout the world.

Many would argue the mentally disturbed or those suffering from mental health issues, should not be able to gain the use of firearms. Currently, the laws prohibit the use of any person suffering from mental health issues from owning a gun.

The problem with mass shootings is the disturbance of a person's reality and mental peace. Social media is often the root cause.

With artificial ego boosting, automated numbers of followers and friends, causing the most of mental health and bully behavior online, I believe. What if you actually had no followers, no likes or not one view as you post many of material online? How would you feel?

On the other hand, what if you are adept to understand the number generator online is meaningless to what you are attempting to send out. Back in the day myspace and other online platforms never had the ability to get paid for the number generator. The biggest illusion since stagecoach take overs back in the cowboy days. Nonetheless, the importance is to remove your ego and allow your true authentic person to thrive within you and understand the big picture is never about you. Nor is it about the number generator that feeds the ego.

One day, those that brag about having so many followers will realize the true authentic number of likes and followers. Truth is leaving us and authentic is becoming extinct. A quick glance around your environment you will see so much in illusions. Wood like floors, leather like products, metal like security products and plastic made to look like materials everywhere, imported.

Americans' standards of living and acceptance of authentic and demand of realisms has decreased dramatically.

Gun power is the essence to freedom and shall be the only freedom not taken. Allowing any right to be removed is condoning all rights to be taken. It's really that simple. Instead, we should be having conversations about the true authentic data held from us and the automated, augmented reality causing mental instability and driving ego buffets, as the farce reality is taken as realism.

Guns are not what is the reason mass shootings occur. The true reason is because mental health goes untreated, social media becomes a tool for bully's and shaming. Groups of individuals behaving as domestic terrorist and society as a whole allowing this all to happen.

Once you realize it doesn’t matter who is online or how many are watching. The importance of what you post will be your objective and the reasons will be, not for popularity but rather utility and meaning.



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