Life’s Five Great Stories

I’ve lived seventy-one great years of life! Trying to discover the ins and outs of how to play the game of life. Trying to maintain my sanity because it’s too difficult to balance all of these great things in life in such little time. It took me so long to find my soul mate when I’ve been deceived by love my whole life it felt like. But I finally did it! The love of my life! It only took me 28 long years! Blinded by what I wanted to be in life, I forgot where I needed to be. I’ve always been focused on impressing others and being the topic of discussion so I worked myself to death through college and then a top medical school. So I finally decided at 28 to not give a damn about what others thought and ask myself what I wanted. I knew I wanted a family, a better relationship with God, and a career that would lead to much success. I was determined you get it. Only how you can get it, is to learn to balance. And sometimes balancing comes with sacrifices. Missing out on some things, disappointments, letdowns, breakdowns. But then that’s when you remind yourself of what’s important to you, and how you want to reflect on your life.

These stories come into conflict everyday because we’re human! Who don’t want to have fun? Who don’t want a personal life? But then you have to realize what’s important and how you want your life to play out. I remember wanting to hang out with my friends every weekend, partying and getting drunk because that’s what young people do (trust me, get your fun out before your body gets old!) but knowing I had a big test on Monday in Genetics, I had to sacrifice free liquor. After awhile, you become content with being a grandma although you’re 23 years old, but deep down you know it will pay off. That’s how you balance social life and career. Or wanting to commit life’s strongest drive… (wink wink) but knowing it comes in conflict with your religion and you don’t want to continuously cut off your blessings. Life is about self-control and how you can program yourself to make decisions that would influence what path you take. If you learn self-control, you learn the game of life!

What a blessed and favorable life I’ve lived, I shall be remembered

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