GIFF:The Golden rule to succeed

Many of us use goods which are not locally manufactured every day. The Ghanaian market for instance, is flooded with imported goods ranging from cars to toothpick. In fact, most African economies are highly dependent on foreign manufactured goods. Do we ever wonder how these goods make their way to our countries? What processes are involved in the importation of goods and who are the players in this sector? Freight forwarders or clearing agents, as they are known in Ghana play, a major role in the trade sector of a country’s economy. In fact, the trade sector of the Ghanaian economy relies greatly on the activities of freight forwarders.

In Ghana, the National Association of Custom House Agents (NACHA) was formed in 1985 to bring custom clearing agents under one umbrella to organize and self-regulate their activities. NACHA was meant to raise and maintain the profile and legitimacy of the then emerging sector and to present a unified front to influence government policies on trade . NACHA was renamed Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF) and became a registered professional body in 2005 providing professional training to persons interested in becoming freight forwarders. GIFF ensures that it’s members employ best work practices in order to provide their clients with quality services. GIFF is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) which is the world’s biggest platform for freight forwarders with membership in 150 countries. Thus it will be good business decision for importers and exporters to enroll the services of GIFF members because aside the surety that due process will be followed, a GIFF member is bound by a Standard Trading Condition, a document which spells out the responsibilities in forwarder-client relationship, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Thus the golden rule to surviving in the import/export sector is to deal directly with a certified GIFF member. However if you have no idea where to find one or you no longer trust the services of your “clearing agent” then sign up with Dekini at today to get access to a reliable and experienced agent.

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