Forgiveness & Gratitude

Earlier this week, my Brother Anthony J. Williams wrote a really dope post in which he made a pledge to live his life his with more gratitude. After reading his post, I started thinking of how a positive shift in my own perspective, could do me some real good. If you haven’t realized by now, there are physical and mental side effects to our emotional lives. Negative emotions like fear, guilt, and shame, lower our vibrations and weaken brain and body functions,while positive emotions such as love, gratitude, and forgiveness, have been known to lower blood pressure and access higher brain waves that are associated with creativity. So if you needed any more motivation to get positive, there you go!

But back to the topic. In his post, Anthony talked about how he wanted to stop “blocking his blessings” by focusing on what he doesn’t have, and be more grateful for all the beauty in his life. So I began to analyze the ways in which I have been holding myself back. The first thing that came to mind, is how I hold grudges. I don’t know who taught me this shit, but I’m like Arya Stark when it comes to remembering the people that have done wrong by me.

*People who watch Game Of Thrones will get this reference.

As of late, I’m starting to learn how holding grudges does nothing but prevent the necessary progress I need to make, to become the person I wish to be. Whether it’s the negative impacts on my mental and physical health, or the prevention of developing new and healthy relationships. It’s a must that I move forward. So if you’re out there, angry at someone for something that happened in the past, or upset with yourself for an old mistake. Let it go. It’s what’s best for you.