Top 10 places to take a date this summer in The Bay Area/Northern California

The sun is out and shit is about to get majorly lit!!! Yamtalkinbout?! What I love most about the summer is the way It allows me to take dating to a whole new level. If you and yo lil baby managed to make it through the winter, this can be a chance for you two( or three or four if your polyamorous) to start making some really great memories. Or if you’re a college student home for break, and ready to get that summer fling poppin’, let’s make sure you let the good times roll before y’all break up in August, and one projects onto other how they can’t live without them (guaranteed to happen). But yea, I’m about to put everyone onto some of my favorite places to go for a date during summer. And keep in mind as you read this list: Not everybody has had the privilege of visiting these places, so while it may be old to you, it is definitely new to others. So in no particular order here they go:



This is the spot! Right behind the UC Berkeley football stadium is where the pool resides, and I’ve been going there faithfully every summer since I was a teen. It wasn’t until recently that I realized this is the perfect place to chill with bae. They have a nice size pool and several patches of grass where you can sun bathe and/or enjoy a picnic. It’s also family friendly. So say if yo lil baby that listens has a kid, no worries. This is a place that all ages can enjoy.


Lake Anza. Berkeley, Ca

In my humble opinion, depending on the day, Lake Anza can be a very intimate experience. Now if you grew up in Berkeley, you probably have memories of going there with your school on the last day of school every year. But over the years, I’ve realized that Lake Anza is the perfect place to lay a blanket out and drink some champagne. And if you dating somebody that ain’t ever really been in nature, the scenic aspect of the Tilden area will blow their minds and you gone seem hella cultured!! You’re date will be so blown away by the beauty of the trees and water, they will always associate your name and presence with that sense of euphoria that they felt on that beautiful day they went to Lake Anza. And this is guaranteed to make the pussy wet and the Dick hard(shoutout Tupac)!



Stinson Beach. NIGGA

Now Stinson is not for the faint of heart. This isn’t just a beach, it’s an experience. The drive is so majestic and scenic. After you cross the Dumbarton Bridge and make your way through the hills of Marin, your blessed with a mountain top view of what seems to be miles and miles of beach. And this is only the beginning. If you. can manage to find a park you will eventually Make your way through the small town that’s filled with surf shops and food stands where they sale chicken strips and fries for $35, but don’t worry, you came prepared to spend money.

*Now some people might read this and say “I’ve never spent money at Stinson” and that’s ok, you’re not me. I’m not doing all that driving and walking to eat a packed lunch, I’m going to fully emerge myself into the rich nigga persona. So I’m spending whatever to fulfill my needs.

But back to the beach. Man listen, you catch Stinson on a hot day with no overcast and the sun is blazing down…LAWD, it’s just, just… BEAUTIFUL! And if you laced in the finest of linens and bae has on a nice swim suit, yal can feed each other grapes while y’all down bottles of André. The sounds of the waves brushing up on the shore will definitely have you in your feelings, and you’ll proceed to make promises that neither one of you will fall through with.


Now what I like about American River, is the versatility it allows one to have. You can make this a weekend get away, or a day trip. Located just right outside Sacramento, American River is home to some of the nicest water rafting spots in Northern California. They also have a ton of camp sites, which is why I say you can make it a day or trip, or a get away spot for the weekend. There’s also a number of swimming holes and places to fish. Take advantage of the amenties if y’all decide to stay for a few days. Really get to know your significant other, camp fires tend to bring out people true colors (I just made that up on the spot).

Brief Intermission: Y’all realize how it’s all white folks in these pictures? Black folks, y’all get out there and make y’all presence felt!!


Penn Valley’s sun was good to me.

Now this is a nice little drive from the east bay if you’re considering do a day trip, I’ve done it a number of times of myself, but just incase you’re not up to it, I’m sure you can find some Airbnb’s or hotels in the area. Penn Valley is near Yuba City and the area is known for its hiking trails and rivers. This is pretty much all the places I just named on steroids.The weather is always perfect and the water is just right. They also have cliffs and rocks for you thrill seekers out there. And if you gone be doing a lil cheating this summer, this is the perfect place to hide. LMAOOO. You will not see a single person you know here!!

Now I know I said i was going to name 10 places, but I’m not about to give away all my honey comb hideouts and have my exes popping up and ruining my dates. But naw man, y’all get out and enjoy this summer. It’s a blessing to be alive. Spend this summer with good people doing dope shit!