Creative jobs, humanity and progress

And will organisations accommodate for us as well as AI?

Hello, dear Medium-ers!

It has been a while since I was around, and I think it is high time to change that.

Today I want to share a thought with you — about creative jobs, humanity and progress.

I spent most of last week (I will share that article with you in September, one way or another), researching the humanity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as that of us humans and what might it mean for us: that eventually, it’s quite likely that we’d lose our jobs to algorithms. Or is it?

But in the meantime, could that competition with technology make us more open-minded and creative, if we take on the challenge well?

Some companies already are trying to tailor their online profiles to attract such high-potential creatives (I mean, the human kind. Still)

For example, the “new collar” jobs by IBM. It was refreshing for me to see how they are willing to really be open to view potential applicants more as learning individuals than a pool of working bees. Look beyond past performance and see motivation and potential.

Yet, that is the same IBM which is still supporting an outdated product such as Lotus Notes, so forgive me for being a bit of a sceptic.

On that trail of thought, let us also not forget that only a few short months ago the world Go champion lost to an AI. And Go is a game that requires much more than calculations — it also calls for a creative side.

In all, I still think we (and the AIs) have a long time until we get into each other’s way.

I am still not getting my hopes too high for creative jobs either — the new trend by IBM I mentioned above materialised itself on the career section of IBM as a tick-box.

Imagine a vacancy for an accountant (or any other regular job description that you can picture), and a box that you can select if you would like to be considered for a new collar… ahem.

As I am quite curious about all tech issues from a humanitarian perspective, don’t be surprised if you see more on the topic!

P.S. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if AIs could eventually human better than us…

Yours truly

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