I’m a One Man Deli Shop — Not really!

I say I am a “One Man Deli Shop” but I’m really not. Deli Fresh Threads is my passion however, I realize I rely on some amazing people that help me day in and day out.

The people behind the scenes of Deli Fresh Threads are not “employees” but I can’t do everything and without them I would be lost.

My wife is my go to person to read and edit my blog posts. She pushes me to continue to keep creating and building Deli Fresh Threads.

I come up with all my shirt designs, but I work with talented designers to help me get my vision on a shirt. They are artists that understand my brand. People like Lain Lee III, Davo, Friks84, Ink Park, Regan Clarke Smith, Will Truran, Miguel Abreu all have been a part Deli Fresh Threads. In order to give them the recognition and praise they deserve, I am always telling my customers who helped design the shirts.

Will of Noble Folk Design is my go to person for poster or flyer designs.

When there is a local event, I have my friend Brian to be my right hand man. He never hesitates and says “I’m in, When is it and where?”

In reality I have a whole team of people that I don’t give enough credit and love to. Without their help — I would not be even close to where I am today.

There are also many people who see my passion and they are looking out for me. Jamey Harper, from The District at Mills 50 , saw that and has given me a tremendous opportunity to have a store front in his amazing co-op shopping experience.

The folks at the DeLand Indie Market are the ones that allowed me to figure out how to sell outside of my virtual deli shop and out among the people!

Sometimes you may not see what you are creating, but others do and they recognize that work and passion. Never in a million years did I see myself speaking and participating at a blog conference like FLBlogCon or speaking to classes at Full Sail. But here I am!

So yes, I run Deli Fresh Threads and I am a one man Deli Shop. I couldn’t do it all without everyone behind the scenes. I also have many wonderful customers who allow me to keep allowing me to build this brand. Thank you!

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