The social media revolution gave life to the human voice like never before. No longer at the mercy of big media gatekeepers, creatives all over the world built their stage on these platforms and found their tribes. Every day, these people bring beauty to our lives and inspire; if only for the second it takes us to hit the like button.

For this piece, I wanted to go deeper, go behind the stage, and into the hearts of some of the most amazing people that bring joy to my eyes daily. Where did they get that initial spark and the fuel to create every day?

So I reached out and asked them. Some answers I was not prepared for. Here is what they said:


I needed a place for my creative side to call home that wasn’t the typical ‘@mynameart’ handle. Shortly after making the account I realized that what I had to display wasn’t good enough for mass consumption (in my opinion) so I geared the page to more of an interim art assistant while I worked away on my own collection. As I reposted many of my favorite artists on Instagram my page quickly began to get popular and soon my DM inbox was flooded with people pleading for a feature on Blvart. The hashtag #blvart soon followed and exploded into hundreds and then thousands of entries. I always try to feature art that you haven’t already seen on the other bigger art assistant accounts and in doing so I feel that I’ve been able to give many talented undiscovered artists an opportunity to be seen. Over the last 12 months I’ve been able to literally hand pick the 750+ pieces that have been posted on Blvart and felt inspired by each and every one of them in some way. I’m happy to say that my personal art page @Visuholl will be launching at the end of the month whether I think my work is worthy or not.


My page started off as an outlet of my pain through my writing and quotes. At the time, my long love ended, my daughter was also abused and self-harming and I was unhappy at work. When I began to heal I wanted to share everything that made my life better with the world. I found that expressing myself on my page helped me through difficult times. Instagram taught me a lot about spirituality and the darkness that exist. I inspire through my heart and mind. I represent peace, love, self love, reiki, balance, meditation, photography, poetry, family, 420 and much more. My name is April and I'm a mom of 2.


Art speaks. Art inspires people to create more art, and that inspires other artists to create inspiration for other artists. The term “a picture’s worth a thousand words” speaks for itself. There’s information that needs to be exposed. There are so many wonderful artists from all over the world that sometimes don’t get noticed and I’m the one that helps them get the exposure they deserve. Psychedeliabook.com is leading the art industry by promoting artists work and getting their name out there further to the public. Art spreads messages. Messages need to be spread.


When I asked for purpose in my art, these mandalas came forth. I see no end to their emergence. They are created as moving meditations through a fusion of technique and flow. They have been called ‘mirrors, portals, and tapestries of the unseen.’ I share them because I hope that they ignite a remembrance of the inter-connectedness of all things.” I gain inspiration from a myriad of sources including my 20 year Yoga practice, micro biology, Carl Jung, Vedic Literature, Fractal Geometry, and Sacred Art & Architecture. My work has been licensed to several manufacturers and collected across the USA and beyond. Instagram is a source of inspiration and community. I enjoy sharing images and videos of my studio space, supplies, & processes. Many of my IG friends provide valuable feedback and uplifting support. The artist’s work is solitary, and with them I never feel alone while I work. Even during the long cold NY winters when I go in to ‘art-hermit mode.’ I am constantly creating art so there is always something new to share. I also draw from what informs my work, such as fractal mathematics of natural form to Sacred Art and concepts. Some say ‘hustle’ is a bad word, but when it applies to something you’re passionate about and have infused with purpose, the momentum is sustained and graceful, most of the time.


I started this Instagram because I feel very passionately about meditation and the positive outcomes of quieting our minds. I feel that a lot of people are searching for inspiration and guidance when it comes to self-development and self-acceptance. Therefore, I decided to create a platform to send out little inspiring statements and quotes to hopefully give someone a helpful reminder in the moment or make another one realize that there are more people out in the world that choose to walk a different road.


Our Instagram is all about inspiration. Our social media manager has a background in writing and uses this gift to intuitively tune into what she feels our audience needs. It is tapping into the source to bring a combination of beautiful images with beautiful genuine messages to truly inspire. Our social media director lives the life of a spiritual gangster, so that what she is inspired by is in turn being lived and loved by the community as well.


From a young age I have always loved photography; capturing a moment of life in a single image can say so much. I also grew up in the mountains of Colorado rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, and being an all around explorer and adventure addict. Pairing these two things together has led me to share my photography and adventures on Instagram. I take every opportunity I can to discover new places, try new things, and capture everything in my photos along the way. I recently left my job to travel the world for a year. My first stop was New Zealand. Next up is a 6 month road trip through North America. Who knows where I’ll go from there!? Most of all, I hope people will follow along on my journey and be inspired to follow in my footsteps.

8) @RALUCA305 [11.2K FOLLOWERS | 299 POSTS]

I took pictures of anything that captured my eyes; first through my iPhone, later posting it on the social media site, Instagram. People all over the world started noticing my photos and leaving positive comments on my creativity. In early 2014, I was introduced to one of Miami’s well-known art events, Art Basel. All the beautiful art pieces and showcases inspired me. Miami and its colors have given me the push to revive my childhood passion for photography. Shortly after I picked up my first professional camera, I took Digital Photography classes at NSU, as well as online courses, to improve and learn more.


I started my page because I am passionate about art. I get my daily inspiration from my friends in the art world.

10) @SPIRITHOODS [84.6K FOLLOWERS | 2,622]

We are inspired by our Tribe. We use Instagram to share our vision and to engage with our Tribe Members.