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In June 2014 at Black and Blue Tom and I sat down for the first time to discuss our future. Fuelled by a hearty bottle of red and an oversized Chateaubriand steak we laid out where we wanted to be in a few years’ time, to our surprise there was very little difference in our hopes, aspirations and plans.

An hour into the meal and we’d put the world to rights and discovered that the craft of creating great software was something we both loved. Fast forward to September 2014 and every new beginning must start with an ending. For us it was an end to our time at ThoughtWorks. Combined we’d spent almost 15 years of our lives working there and it was a hard decision to leave but the shared desire to create something brilliant compelled us to go.

Which brings us to today: Monday 13th October. Day 1. We’re sitting in Tom’s flat talking through our ideas for products. We have a shortlist of about 5 that we want to whittle down further before testing some of them out and validating whether or not they’re good in reality. We’re not sure which one will work, be we do know one thing:

We know that we want Deliberate to become a home for people with similar principles and values to enjoy doing what they’re passionate about. A place where we can work together so that in some small way we can change the world. We don’t want it to be a mad dash for cash, we want Deliberate to be a solid, sustainable business that looks after people professionally and personally. A place where we can curate our craft.
Wish us luck!

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