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Reaching our first Milestone

Two weeks have gone by and we’ve been busy…

Day One & Two

Our first job was to find some way of going through all of our ideas, filtering it down to the ones that could be the most successful and the ones that really excited us. So borrowing from Peter Thiel’s — Zero to One we used his “seven questions that every business must answer” as an inspiration to plaster Tom’s living room wall in a matrix of sticky notes.

  1. Do we have a breakthrough technology?
  2. Is now the right time?
  3. Do we have something no-one else has?
  4. Do we have the right people?
  5. Can we sell and market this?
  6. Will we be still around in 10 years, is it a defendable proposition?
  7. Do we know something nobody else does, how unique is it?

After all of this, and being pretty ruthless with ourselves, we narrowed it down to three main ideas that had a very clear order of execution based on how well we were able to put forward compelling answers to the above questions.

Day Three & Four

With our top idea selected we started diving deeper into the idea, starting with a definition of our first main persona. Using this persona we repeatedly walked through the journey, building up a picture of the steps involved for them to reach their goal.

With the journey understood we selected a main happy path or route through the journey to translate into wireframes and simple stories that we were able to work on.

At this early stage we wanted to start validating the idea so we spent time with a few subject matter experts getting feedback. We attempted to validate the journeys and search for nuances that we had missed.

Day Five, Six, Seven and Eight

Tom with an almost feverish excitement to open an IDE was itching to start writing some code. So, yeah, old habits die hard and we really wanted to create an exciting demo.

For those who want to know a bit about the tech… Our backend system was built using Clojure, ClojureScript, Reagent and Mongo. Our consumer facing Native iOS App has been written in Swift. It was a fun couple of days hacking and learning Swift, with it’s highs and lows that we should get around to writing about soon.

Day 9 and 10

With a working demo and sticky notes stuck to every surface we began to turn this into a Demo and Deck to help us show this concept to others in order to elicit another round of feedback.


The main reason for talking about all this is to show with our ability to work quickly together, remove obstacles, focus on what was needed we were able to prepare something exciting to show in very little time, which feels great!


Show it to as many people as we can, collect the feedback and try to understand how we refine, change, or even fail quickly on our idea.

photograph by Tim Green on flickr

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