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Reading in the run up to starting our business

Let’s start with Strengths Finder 2.0 if you haven’t come across it already it describes a variety of different strengths identified by the folks at Gallup and gives you access to a test that identifies you your top five talents. Based on Amazon it get’s mixed reviews but Tom and I were introduced to it from our days at ThoughtWorks. It was pretty useful when we started out to understand each others talents and how we complimented each other. One of mine is the Learner, so I sucked up quite a few books especially on topics that interest me. At the moment they’re mostly focussed on how to run a business (I hesitate to say startup). I’ve find them useful , so here are a few of the books that I’ve read recently in case you do too…

Zero to One — Peter Thiel

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This is an inspiring piece of writing, it stops and makes you think. It certainly made me re-evaluate some of the beliefs I had around product development. If you’re thinking of going it alone, this book is great for helping you evaluate ideas and put them in perspective along with great technology innovation.

Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking — Susan Cain

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Tom and I are Introverts (in the Jung, Myer-Briggs sense of the word) and I wanted to know more about myself and how we may work together. If you’re looking to understand how to live with, work with or love an Introvert this book is immensely interesting.

The hard thing about hard things — Ben Horowitz

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Ben takes you on a tour of running his previous business, recounting the trials and tribulations. He tries to provide you with lessons learned from how he coped with the challenges faced. If you want to know what can go wrong running your own business and want to know how to fix it then this is a book for you.

All that’s a bit dry

Okay, so after ploughing through all of that you’ll need a break. So to finish up here are my current favourite reads of Fiction. Sorry it’s all Sci-Fi

  1. The Martian — Andy Weir: Accidentally left on mars, a year’s worth of food and four years until he can be rescued.
  2. The Daemon — Daniel Suarez: Dead computer genius leaves behind a complex computer program that may be control society for good or bad.
  3. Freedom — Daniel Suarez : The conclusion to The Daemon


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