I’m fat.
Greg Nelson

There are a whole HOST of reasons that people are fat that have ZERO to do with willpower.

So very true. There’s also this to consider. A person who is dieting and has maybe lost 20%, 50%, even 80% of the desired weight is still “punished” judged daily — as harshly as if they had done nothing at all.

I remember walking down a street, feeling intense pangs of hunger from starving myself, and still being mooed at from passing cars. It made no difference how much “willpower” I was using — it mattered not one iota. I was still worthless and contemptible and only deserved hatred and scorn. These strangers took one look at me and they knew all they needed to know in order to judge me. I was in the middle of weight loss and was starving myself, but they didn’t need to be told that. They didn’t care. I deserved to be punished nonetheless.

I remember having lost dramatic amounts of weight, going down multiple sizes, and yet because I was still a teensy bit above what was considered “thin,” I was treated with the same hatred as before I started to lose the weight. It was all or nothing, it seemed to me. If I was not quite “thin” ( I could have been medically within “normal” weight but not quit thin enough) then what’s the use, I’m still a worthless fat cow. That was how I was treated.

How hard is it, really, for these people to just keep their mouths shut and move along? If you don’t like the looks of someone, leave them alone. Somebody can think all sorts of disdain for me, but I’ll never know it or be affected by it unless they make a point to come over and tell me. So why don’t they just leave us alone if they don’t like the looks of us?

This is the biggest mystery for me. I am okay with not being every man’s physical ideal. I don’t want to be with someone who isn’t genuinely attracted to me anyway. I don’t go up to guys who don’t appeal to me and dump a barrage of shit on them about how much they disgust me. I just leave them alone. I merely ask the same in return.

Apparently such a simple request is too much to ask. Writers like Your Fat Friend exists because of this fact.