How Drip Campaigns Help You Focus Your Marketing

Bear with us a moment while we walk through a simile:

Suppose you went to the eye doctor, and instead of examining your eyes, the doctor said, “Here are some glasses! Have a nice day!”

You’d be puzzled, right? And you’d probably have glasses that didn’t fit quite right and didn’t help you see.

This imaginary scenario is not unlike a situation that often occurs in email marketing. Subscribers sign up for emails, and all of them receive the same content, regardless of their individual interests. Some of that content is as useful to them as a pair of random prescription eyeglasses.

So back to the metaphor: An eye doctor is like a drip marketer (of sorts). During an eye exam, all those questions you answer — Which one is better? This, or this? — help your doctor further and further zero-in on your exact prescription.

When you put drip marketing to work, you too can find out exactly what your subscribers need. A drip campaign is the easiest way to segment your audience to ensure the content you deliver really resonates with them.

Drip campaign basics

A drip campaign is intended to lead a subscriber down a virtual path. In simplest terms, you provide subscribers with choices that help you understand their needs.

One particularly useful application for drip campaigns is moving subscribers toward the purchase of a big-ticket item — like a new car, or a new software suite for a large company.

Consumers may need time to really weigh their options before making a major purchase, and while they’re poking around online looking at the competition, you don’t want them to forget about you. With a drip campaign, you can include a call-to-action in each email that helps you find out what pain point you need to solve for them. For example:

“Interested in finding out how our gas mileage, horsepower and handling stack up against the competition? Check out this infographic.”


“What’s more important to you — software support, or training? Cast your vote here.”

With each ensuing question, you’ll be trying to determine in more detail exactly what matters to your subscribers. And unlike an eye doctor who meets individually with every patient, you can automate your drip campaign, so emails are delivered based on if-this-then-that rules.

The data you collect along the way about subscriber preferences and needs will help you fine-tune your marketing messages for maximum relevancy. Check out our latest ebook called How to Effectively Manage Your Email List and learn how you can reach the right people at the right time with relevant drip campaign messaging.

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