Delphi Token Status

We are happy to announce that the new DEL token contract has been successfully deployed. The new contract address is:


We have also established a page at to verify the authenticity of this contract address and provide information regarding it.

The tokens have been manually distributed to the original participants of the Fair Auction, rounding up to the nearest integer value to ensure no one is short-changed in any way. We ask that everyone double-check their accounts’ token balances and make sure that they match the quantity you were expecting to receive from the auction. We have guides for adding the token to a few popular wallets (MyEtherWallet, Parity, and Mist) available on our Token page.

The old token contract (0x346c3be…B7E41A) is now officially deprecated and should be considered obsolete. Please ignore this token contract entirely, and discourage others from trying to use (or value) it in any way, to minimize market confusion.

We will, naturally, be communicating with all relevant block explorers, exchanges, and other third parties which might list DEL, to ensure that the correct token contract is distinguished clearly and marked as verified. It may take some time to make sure that absolutely nothing slips through the cracks on this, but we will put in the work to see things through. We will also be performing general “housekeeping” over the next few days, to make sure that all Delphi-related documentation and resources are fully up-to-date and reflect the most recent project updates (including the new token contract address). As our launch nears completion, Delphi is now transitioning into the next phase of development, and this should become more and more obvious over time as we publish more code to our public GitHub and push out further project updates across the board.

As far as token distribution goes, the final remaining task is to fairly allocate the two million DEL which were originally entirely dedicated to the Referral Program and later (partially/additionally) reassigned to our Bounty Rewards Programs. We have witnessed considerable discussion (and controversy) regarding these programs in the wider community, but we think it is possible to make everyone happy here, so we have been working hard to gather up and organize the relevant data to best achieve this goal. Please stay tuned, because we have substantial updates in the pipeline on this front.

We have to take a moment to say, yet again: thank you to everyone for your patience during this process. We simply couldn’t ask for a more supportive, inquisitive, and collaborative community. We wanted to take full strategic advantage of the token contract redeployment, and we are satisfied with the results. From what we can see, everyone has been extremely understanding as things were sorted out in the background, and we are truly impressed with the confidence (and healthy skepticism) that we see in the community right now as things finally get off the ground. You took a chance on us, and to say that we are “grateful” for the opportunity to follow through on our vision is a gargantuan understatement. Our young community is now poised beautifully for validation and growth, and we intend to do everything we can to achieve both. This is only the beginning.