Over the past year we have developed and deployed compound next-generation token and converter peg contracts which allow users to seamlessly toggle between multiple token feature-sets, weighted multisignature general-purpose oracle contracts, registry pylon contracts for output/call diffusion and aggregation, stake-based voting and signal contracts and applications, the autobid and redemption token distribution contracts which ensured that everyone who ever took a chance with us ultimately gained from it, and fully-functional prediction market contracts, frameworks, and toolkits to integrate and harness the aforementioned systems’ power.

We took the “keep your mouths shut and build” approach, choosing technical innovation over hype. Looking back, we’re proud to be among the projects that have delivered and hosted tangible, working code and we’re also thrilled to see that other implementations of oracle solutions, from Augur to Chainlink to Realitio to Zap to Oraclize and more, have been growing and maturing healthily over the past year as the market and ecosystem finds its footing. Looking forward, we feel we can maximize our positive impact through focusing our efforts on exploring and building more exciting ideas involving the interplay of information and value than we could on Delphi’s brand or image management, so we have agreed that it’s an appropriate time to begin pushing forward on other fronts outside of this project’s scope or class.

I want to take a moment to say thanks to those who have supported us along our crazy little journey, and for all of those out there who have shared our vision, in part or in whole. There’s something magical about this world of cryptocurrencies, trust networks, and information markets, and it has been an honor working on the future alongside so many other great minds. Together, people all over the world are creating and realizing something truly profound, and it will be amazing to witness as this process continues to unfold.

With love,

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